Welcome to 'MA'

“MA” Advanced Diagnostic & Research Center was established on 1st Feb 1997 with intention of rendering global quality service for needy patients under visionary leadership of renowned radiologist Dr.M.Adinarayana Rao.

The centre began as USG, X-ray institute under Dr.M.Adinarayana Rao. The centre later expanded and upgraded year by year and is now a world class facility of highly specialised silent MRI, Ultralow Radiation CT, 5D USG and advanced Lab.

It has now become one of the most trusted diagnostic centre in Guntur district.

It has also evolved into a hub of clinical research with quality medical expertise.



DR. M. Adinarayana Rao

I am alive , healthy as long as I help others

I have great pleasure in introducing you to our group MA Advanced Diagnostic & Research Centre. This group reflects my vision to become a centre of excellence in diagnosis comparable to the best in world. For realizing the vision, I stand committed to provide outstanding service through MA Advanced Diagnostic & Research Centre, leadership and guidance to my employees and physical infrastructure with utmost provisions.


Our goal is to provide “1st ,fast ,accurate and world class services for needy patients for early diagnosis, treatment and complete recovery from disease.Healthy individuals will directly and indirectly contribute to the economic growth of their family,company and nation.

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